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Submersible Winding Wire
Submersible Winding Wire

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Copper Wire,Bare Copper Wire,Braided Copper Wire,Tinsel Wire

tinned copper wire, colored copper wire, enameled copper wire, delicate copper wire

Rajasthan Electric Industries is a manufacturing unit operating in the market since 1959. We hold the brand name "BRITEX" which serves as a hallmark of our products. We are ISO 9002 & ROHS certified unit delivering high unit goods through technically sound people in a challenging environment.

Our products- Copper Wire, PVC Wire, Stranded Copper Wire, Cables, Enamelled Copper Wire/ Strip, Braided Copper Wire, Braided Strips, Tinned Copper Wire, Nickel Copper Wire, Silver Plated Copper Wire, Tinsel Copper Wire, Aluminium Wire etc. are known for their distinction in quality and durability. When it comes to copper products our excellence in the domain distinguishes us from the rest.

We make sure that the technology and infrastructure we utilize in our processing are up to date and latest so that we create nothing but the best for our customers.

We work to ascertain that every product from our unit whether its Copper Wire, PVC Wire/ Cables or Braided Copper Wire etc. undergoes a series of quality checks before reaching our customers hence when it comes to quality, we are unparalleled.



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Copper Wire
 Copper Wire,Bare Copper Wire,Braided Copper Wire
  Copper Strip 
 Copper Strip
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Copper Wire and its Products Across Different Domains

About Copper Wire

Electrical and electronic domain today depend greatly on copper wire products. Copper was initially used for making utensils, weapons, roofs, jewelries, coins, etc. However with the advent of electricity and the start of the technological era the use of copper became more diverse. People learn to draw copper into wire for various purposes. Today it is impossible to carry out life without Copper Wire. Experts have tried to replace copper wire cables with Aluminium wire, however the fire hazards have forced them to seclude Aluminium wire from household electricity appliances. However aluminium products like aluminium rod and Aluminium wire are still used in specific areas.

PVC Copper Wire

Electrical Copper wire serves better when used with PVC coating. The full-form of PVC is Poly-Vinyl Chlorine. This PVC copper wire comes with certain added advantages which makes it special. PVC coated copper wire does not catch fire easily and is much safer, this is because when PVC comes in contact with the fire, HCl gas is formed and the chlorine works to diminish the fire.

PVC Wire is resistant to aging and corrosion which further makes the wire stronger. It is also resistant to oil as well as ultraviolet radiation.

Tin Copper Wire

Tin copper wire is another variety of Electrical Copper wire. Tinned copper wire is complex in shape and is utilized in constructing subways and transit systems. It is a great conductor and serves the core purpose in numerous electrical and electronic equipment.
As compared to bare copper wire tin coated ones are much stronger and fight corrosion much better. They in fact are known to last ten times more as compared to the regular non-tinned wirings.

There are two process of producing tin coated wire- Hot Dip Process as well as Electroplating Process. This kind of wire is also known for its high stability, oxidation resistance, soldering properties, RoHS Compliance and so on.

Bunched Copper Wire

Bunched copper wire is used where wire with vibration, expansion as well as contraction properties is required. Bunched copper wire can be utilized for the purpose of connecting. They are known for their high flexibility as well as tolerance.

Rajasthan Electric Industries - Premium Copper Products Manufacturer

At Rajasthan Electric we manufacture and deal with the optimum quality products for our customers. We offer a range of PVC Wire, PVC Copper Wire, Copper Wire, Tin Copper Wire, Bare Copper Strip, Bunched Copper Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Tinsel Copper Wire, Copper Wire Cables, Electrical Copper Wire, Aluminium Wire, Aluminium rod, Glass Wire etc. to our customers. Our products are special as we ensure the use of best equipment and technology knowledge. Our experts are skilled and we are focused to create products that bring utmost satisfaction to the customers who deal with us.