How Special Cables Make Wiring Safer and Effective

Copper wires have always been used for making special cables which can be used for transmitting electric power safely. Conductors are nothing buy physical mediums which can carry electrical energy from one point to another and these happen to be key components of both underground and overhead power distribution and transmission systems. You can choose a conductor depending on efficiency and price. The best conductors will be able to guarantee maximum electrical conductivity. In this sense, copper wires are the best choice because they have exceptionally high electrical and thermal conductivity. They also have high tensile strength which is capable of withstanding mechanical stresses.

Copper Wires

Why do you need to buy special cables?

When you are looking for special cables for electrical power transmissions you will find them to be made from either copper or aluminum. These are also usually made from stranded copper wires which can offer higher flexibility. To be able to transmit electrical power with minimum losses, the cable conductors must have high conductivity and low resistivity. Both copper wires and aluminum wires are excellent cable conductors as they offer low resistivity and come for low costs. Copper is denser compared to aluminum and also has higher melting point. This allows it to give superior performance even under short circuit conditions. So, copper wiring is also mechanically far stronger. But its high density may make it slightly less flexible compared to aluminum. Copper is usually used more often in industrial plants and in applications wherein there are space restrictions, like aircrafts and offshore platforms.

What are the advantages of using copper wires for making special cables?

  • As mentioned earlier, copper wires are an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. So, no other metal can really compete against it as far as conductivity is concerned.
  • Copper wires are also preferred because copper is a ductile metal which can be stretched as required. You can extend it easily without fear of damaging the wire or even breaking it. This property is highly advantageous because it allows you to use the wire to go through hard-to-reach places, especially when you do home wiring.
  • Copper is also resistant to both abrasion and corrosion; this explains why you can use this wiring for all appliances which are left exposed to wet conditions. These wires will not undergo frequent wear and tear and they can resist harsh weather changes.
  • Copper wires are popular because they can also withstand very high temperatures. When high voltage electric current passes through the wires, the surface temperatures rise and there may frequent rise and fall of temperatures in the high-tension lines. Other wires cannot withstand such extremities of temperature and copper is a universal choice.

To get good quality special cables, you should reach out to online manufacturers of copper wires. You can read reviews on these manufacturers before buying anything from them. It is recommended that you choose a manufacturer which has a rock solid reputation and serves a large client base.

Copper Wire Exporter

What Makes Bunched Copper Wire Useful?

Copper has always been an extensively used metal by manufacturers of electrical goods and appliances. This is because copper has very high thermal and electrical conductivity. It can be conveniently molded to produce many different types of applications. This is also why a copper wire exporter today is in a great deal of demand.

Copper Wire Exporter

Copper wires are preferred because they have very high corrosion resistance, ductile strength and malleability. However, the pure copper wire variety is not as ductile or malleable as one would hope it would be. This explains why drawing them into thin wires may be a challenge. However, when you mix these with other metals like zinc or silver they become malleable. You can find bunched copper wire variety and solid copper wire variety when you shop for copper. The solid wire as the name suggests will comprise of a single copper strand or wire. The bunched copper wire, on the other hand, comprises of multiple wires and these can be bent easily. The solid wire having one strand alone is not easily bendable. This makes the solid wire variety best suited for permanent, low-flex applications such as motors and transformers, or for house electrical wiring purposes.

Where do we use the bunched copper wire and why?

The solid copper wire is easier and cheaper to make and it will also be more susceptible to corrosion. The bunched copper wire will have many small gauge wires which are either braided or compressed together. They are also coated with some non-conductive material. They can be twisted easily to produce semi-concentric and concentric loops. So, with the same cross-section, it is far easier to install the bunched wire than the solid wire. These wires will have better resistance powers and when you bend these, they tend to become harder. So, you may use the bunched copper wire for making wires for speakers, in automobiles, for headphone cables, appliance cables etc.

How to find the bunched copper wire variety in the market:

You will find that there are many copper wire exporters which offer the bunched copper wire. This variety is popular because of its flexibility and durability. They may be used like ropes for tying knots and also as connectors. They are extensively used for making cables and without these, cable connections are found to suffer. Bunched copper wires will guarantee seamless connections, allowing cables to perform without hitches. So, you will find such wires in the Ethernet industry and in telephones.

Bunched Copper Wire

The only problem with the stranded wire variety if that they are very costly to make because they involve a complex procedure. Moreover, they may fail because of corrosion dues to capillary action and high surface areas. To buy this variety, you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of such wires online. It is recommended that you read reviews about the products offered by such manufacturers and check their credentials. The company should supply only tested and qualitatively superior products which can be returned or exchanged if need be.

Is the Nickel Copper Wire More Useful than Bare Copper?

To use wiring for situations where high temperatures are involved, you must look into the wire’s capability to handle such temperatures. Copper wires can be used in high temperature conditions but there is some damage which takes place which is usually not visible to us. To ensure that the wires can last longer and such damages are prevented, you can consider using wires which have some coating on them like the nickel copper wire. Usually the most common materials which are used for plating wires are nickel, silver and tin.

Why are PVC coated wires useful?

The PVC coated wire is also another example of a wire which is coated to make it resilient to very harsh weather conditions. These wires are suited for heating appliances, water and air installations. When you have PVC coating, you can prevent excessive heat loss. So, these PVC wires are better suited for all energy-efficient systems and they can successfully guard against short circuits or accidental burns.

pvc coated wire

Why should you use the nickel copper wire?

  • Tin is perhaps the most extensively used material which can protect wires from very high temperatures. These wires coated with tin are known as tin coated cables and they can reduce the harmful effects of corrosion because of their higher resilience to oxidation. Nickel plating is frequently used for wires as they can also guarantee excellent resistance to corrosion. Not only corrosion, resistance, nickel copper wire is also far more stable and durable regardless of the high temperatures it undergoes.
  • Nickel copper wire enjoys plating thickness of about 27% and this can offer protection for temperatures of 750 degrees Centigrade. Even for temperatures below 60 degrees Centigrade, this coating works just as fine. Nickel copper wire offers high resilient to alkaline elements and salt sprays.
  • Another advantage which works in favor of the nickel copper wire is that these wires are very easy to weld. It has great thermal conductivity and copper conductivity is enhanced even more when plated with this material. This makes this variety of copper wires very well suited for electrical appliances. They have become necessary for both producers of electrical goods and manufacturers. These high end wires are also useful as they can reduce high frequency losses, making them ideally suited for HP applications.

To produce the nickel copper wire, copper ore is used. This is then covered with the nickel plating to make it rust-proof. But, not all manufacturers of nickel copper wires are reliable. You must choose a manufacturer online only after being certain about its credentials. You may also consult buyer comments and feedbacks when buying their products. Getting referrals from family and friends is a good idea when it comes to identifying a trustworthy wire manufacturing company online. The bottom line is that you can only trust a company which offers high grade wires that are thoroughly tested for safety. While you may shop around for the best deals, it is wise to remember that finding the cheapest products should not be your prime concern. Your focus should be on finding the most reliable wires for the best prices.

Reasons to Buy Copper Flat Wire

Copper has high thermal and electrical conductivity that makes the copper preferred more than any other metals when it comes to wiring. Copper wires will be available in two forms; copper round wire and copper flat wire. The copper flat wire, on its part, offers many distinct advantages making this variety much sought-after by manufacturers of electrical appliances. Such wires find extensive use in transformer windings, multi-side forming and high-speed stampings. You can even make these wires according to specific needs; depending on the specification desired, the copper wires maybe rounded or flat. It was mainly in the fifties that the demands for copper flat wire arose. These began to be produced for catering to higher consumer demands particularly with regard to aerospace applications. The copper flat wire is known for offering better performance and higher reliability.

Copper Flat Wire

Why is the copper flat wire popular?

  • As mentioned before, the flat copper wires are flexible and applications such as automated equipments for medical diagnosis, robotic applications etc will find these useful. When the plane is flat, conductors can be positioned parallel and the bend radius is far reduced than that of a rounded cable. When you use rounded cables for the job, the continuous bending movements may damage the cable and this shortens the life cycle of the wires and causes poor performance.
  • The copper flat wire variety is also preferred because it is space-saving. The flat cables have been designed such that these will take up far less area than if you were to use rounded cables.
  • When you use the copper flat wire, the overall weight of the object is also less. You will need fewer tapes, insulating materials and fillers so that the total weight is much lower. Since the flat cable is designed such that it stays fixed and likewise conductor spacing is also constant, features like time delays, crosstalk, impedance, capacitance etc remain uniform.
  • The flat power cables are also known for offering better capacity for transmitting currents. They can dissipate heat better than the rounded cables because the surface-to-volume ratio is greater.
  • Moreover, the flat copper wires will guarantee reduced time delays. This is possible as these cables show accurate physical and electrical length; this feature is also advantageous because it can reduce skewing effects.
  • When you use the classic flat copper wire, you can cut down on the numbers of conductors and you can even combine the conductor varieties such as twisted pairs, single conductors, shielded conductors etc. When a cable has many types of conductors, the assembly, designing and maintenance of such cables is much easier.

These advantages of the copper flat wire are the reasons why people buy this variety of wire so extensively. The flat submersible cable like the flat copper wire is flexible. It can be conveniently installed in various locations and can give protection no matter what the weather. You will find these cables being used on pumps and motors.

Is the Tin Coated Copper Wire Better than Bare Copper Wire?

The tin coated copper wire variety is seen to be highly resistant to corrosion and is perfect for use in environments which have high humidity or are exposed to a lot of moisture. The bare copper wires are resilient too but they can get damaged after prolonged use. For instance when the temperatures are found to exceed 100 degrees Centigrade, then this variety of copper may undergo degradation. As the copper wires start to degrade their performance automatically suffers.

Compared to bare copper wires, the tin coated copper wire variety is far more expensive. When copper is plated with alloys like tin then the already-present properties of copper get further enhanced. This also makes these copper wires last longer and they are found to be better suited to handling extremes of temperatures, high humidity and wet places. It is possible to give a plating to copper by using different processes like electroplating and hot dip. Electroplated wires are used for power cable in houses and electrical wiring at home. The tin is melted using the hot dip method to produce tin coated wires.

Tin Coated Copper Wire

Why are copper wires plated with tin preferably?

There are many benefits of tin plating for wires as far as industrial manufacturers are concerned. Compared to different metals, plating processes which involve tin are found to be less costly. Many electrical component manufacturers are keen to make use of tin like a shield for the metal which lies beneath it. This is more so in case of copper wires as copper already has a natural inclination to oxidize if it is exposed to a wet environment for very long. The thin tin layer will help to prevent this from happening.

Why is the tinned copper wire beneficial?

Whatever the method of production, tin coated copper wire is useful  and needed for power cables in subways, for electric-powered trains and buses, for industrial cranes, for heavy or light transit systems etc.

The biggest benefit which this wire can offer is longevity because the tin plating strengthens the properties already present in copper. Besides, the tinned copper wires have very high resistance to corrosion and this makes them highly suitable for marine usage. Compared to the bare wires, these wires are also found to have higher electrical conductivity powers.

Where can you buy tin coated copper wire?

There are many companies online which offer products like the tin coated copper wire. You can browse through these sites to see products which you need. You can find prices for the products displayed on the site. This helps you compare these prices with those offered by other producers of copper wires. It is better to choose a company which has a strong reputation when it comes to buying wires from them. Only a reputed company catering to a large client base can guarantee you superior quality tested products. Such a company will also have many types of copper wires for your benefit so that you can choose a variety depending on your budget and needs. All exporters of copper wire cannot be trusted. It is always better to select a company which enjoys high buyer ratings and positive customer feedbacks. They will also have buyer-friendly return policies in case any item is damaged in transit or not up to the mark. So, it is expected that a reputed company will prioritize customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need a Quality Copper Wire Exporter?

A reputed copper wire exporter is the only way you can get quality copper wiring for your electrical appliances. But before you buy any copper wiring online from a manufacturer, it is best to verify the company’s credentials and check for buyer feedbacks. Copper is widely used by most electronics and electrical companies because it is had exceptionally high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Stranded Copper Wire

When you must choose a type of wiring for any particular project, you have to consider multiple factors. Depending upon the applications you run and the power loads needed for them to run optimally, you can decide which type of wire to use and the kind of metal that would be best for the application. So, while the expert will need to make a decision first between choosing copper and aluminum, he will then need to decide between solid and stranded copper wire. The solid wire has one metal core but the stranded wire or braided wire will have numerous thin wires which are braided together in order to make a bunch. Whatever your choice of wiring, you will need a reliable copper wire exporter to arrange these for you. Both the solid and braided varieties can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes as each has its specific advantages and drawbacks. The solid wires are actually less costly compared to the stranded wires. But the latter last much longer in places which experience frequent movements.

How can a quality copper wire exporter benefit you?

  • If you can find a reliable copper wire exporter you will be able to buy superior quality copper wires from them which are preferred to all other kinds of wires. The main reason for this is that copper wires are the safest to use and they will not get damaged or deformed even when exposed to very high temperatures and frequent wear and tear. Copper is known to be able to retain its characteristics and shape regardless of adverse weather conditions.
  • Another factor which works in favor of copper wiring is that unlike other metals which tend to weaken because of exposure to high humidity, copper remains resilient. When metals get corroded, it can cause a lot of damage to the infrastructure and you will have to pay a lot of money to repair that. But, when you use high grade copper wiring such problems will rarely arise. These wires are known to be highly durable as these are resistant to rusting.

So, copper with its many benefits, seems to be the best choice for wiring both at home and outside. In marine applications copper is a preferred choice because of its resilience to high humidity and constant exposure to saline water. To choose a quality exporter for copper products you will have to search the Internet and shortlist the better known producers. You can then check for the company reputation and read through customer reviews about the products. You need to make sure that the copper wire exporter you choose has buyer-friendly return policies so that exchange or returns are easier, if needed.

Where Can You Use the Braided Flexible Connectors, Jumpers

Braided flexible connectors, jumpers are copper-based metallic devices, that are used as connectors. As is self-explanatory going by the name, connectors and jumpers, are instruments used to connect two or more devices. Electric connectors are essentially electromagnetic devices that are, highly flexible and durable, used to attach circuits.

Braided flexible connectors, jumpers

Copper is one metal that is massively used by almost all types of industries It is soft, orangish red in color and comes with many rich features. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Copper is ductile, malleable and hence is seen in almost all electric and electronic appliances. Copper is mixed with tin/ steel to form an alloy and the braided flexible connectors, jumpers are one of the products that is created with the alloy.

The braided flexible connectors, jumpers are made not only in copper but also in aluminum, stainless steel made from tinned or silver coating. Braiding is a process to create a casing with strands of metal around a cable. Its function is to protect the cables from any outside disturbance that can impact its performance.

Risk-free solution:

The tin copper alloy is highly resistant to fluctuations and can control vibrations. There are many times an industry may need current to pass between two unstable conducting devices. In such cases the braided flexible connectors, jumpers are used in a large scale to get the maximum results. Some reasons for the devices to go unstable include thermal expansion, vibrations, heat etc. Risks of fire or electric shock looms large and to eliminate the risks the connectors are used.

An important component in many industries:

Braided flexible connectors, jumpers are manufactured using steel and copper to enhance the robustness and strength of a device to ensure it works to its maximum even under high pressures. They come as an efficient solution where there is demand for power with a heavy workload on wires. The connectors and jumpers can control and absorb vibrations, manage any type of expansion and contraction of wires during power transmission. The flexible connectors and jumpers are used in places where solid copper cannot be used and performance may be affected. They provide support with the lowest resistance to ensure seamless performance.


The braided flexible connectors and jumpers are

  • Highly durable, long-lasting
  • Built strong to withstand heavy pressures
  • Elegantly designed with a fine finish
  • Heat resistant, better conductivity.

The copper wire manufacturer has a huge responsibility to make sure of the quality of products they off. Almost every industry depends on copper in some form or as an alloy for their products. Any slackness in the quality can have a wrong impact on the end-product. The copper wire is made from the finest quality raw materials. They use cast copper rods that are near to 100% in purity. If you have any requirement of copper choose a reliable manufacturer that comply with international standards and meet the requisite BSS/ISS standards and offer good customer support.

Uses of the Aluminum Rod for Electrical Goods Manufacturers

You will find that electrical goods manufacturing companies are widely using the aluminum rod in their electrical transmission applications. The aluminum rod and aluminum bar can be produced from various processes like rolling, coiling and extrusion. Using these processes the aluminum can be expanded into either bar-shaped or circular-shaped pieces which may be used for all kinds of applications. The aluminum rod and bar is also used for manufacturing different types of machine parts like nails, bolts, screws and rivets.

The main reason behind using the aluminum rod is because of its non-corrosive nature and its high conductivity powers. There are different methods like rolling sheet which can be used for making such rods and bars. A square shaped long ingot may be heated and then reduced progressively by passing this through many rolls. This is then coiled and the coils are further heated to make wires. When many strands are put into one piece it can produce an electrical conductor rod; you can also get it from molten aluminum directly.

Where is aluminum rod used?

Aluminum rods and bars are most often used for making electrical transmission lines. Incidentally, this metal practically faces zero competition in this field. For power delivery the aluminum rod is believed to be the most economical method. Armored cables are also made from aluminum and these have coating which protects them from harmful environmental effects. Aluminum cables are used nearly everywhere there are electrical transmissions, whether it is in machines or equipments or commercial buildings.

Armored cables

Armored cables

What makes the aluminum rod a preferred choice for electrical product manufacturers?

The aluminum rod offers a lot of resistance to rusting and guarantees weld ability. So, it is a good choice for manufacturers of electrical appliances. These high-strength aluminum rods are also extensively used for making aerospace applications. Since these are resistant to corrosion, they are an ideal choice for marine appliances too which are exposed to high humidity all the time. The key difference between the rod and aluminum bar is that the former is circular while the bar is flat.

When you wish to buy aluminum rod online, you must identify reliable producers. These producers should ideally be companies which make use of superior raw materials to yield high quality products. The methods for production must be properly supervised and the products should be safe for use. These suppliers are to use only the latest machinery to produce rods which are long lasting. It is also important to ensure that the rods you buy from them comply with all international and national quality standards. Aluminum rods have been in a lot of demand because of the lightweight nature of the metal. It weighs much less than steel which makes these rods very convenient to work with. Aluminum can help to cut down the dead weight and this is why automobile manufacturers choose to use this metal. It can also guarantee resistance against corrosion and when you use methods like painting and lacquering, it will enhance their shelf life even more.

Why is a Submersible Cable Useful?

A submersible cable can be installed in various places and it can offer protection from all kinds of adverse environmental conditions. Applications such as pumps and motors can run effectively using a submersible cable. So, these cables are perhaps the sturdiest cables available which can ensure that your electrical appliances work without disruptions under the water. The submersible cable has been designed in a way so as to work seamlessly in water conditions. They can transmit electrical power in wet conditions. This advantage that they offer is mainly because of the rubber and plastic coating which they have. Such a plastic coating ensures that the cable can withstand all types of liquid mediums, whether it is oil or water or grease. Continue reading

Why do you need Braided Flexible Connectors Jumpers?

Braided flexible connectors jumpers are needed in order to ensure that current can pass between very unstable conducting devices. Conductivity in devices can fluctuate from time to time depending upon their expansion because of heat or vibrations or due to regular operational movements. This is why braided or bunched copper wire is considered to be by far the best options for conducting electricity among these devices. Continue reading