Welcome to Rajasthan Electric Industries

Rajasthan Electric Industries is a manufacturing unit operating in the market since 1959. We hold the brand name "BRITEX" which serves as a hallmark of our products. We are ISO 9001:2015 & ROHS certified unit delivering high unit goods through technically sound people in a challenging environment. Our products- Copper Wire, PVC Wire, Stranded Copper Wire, Cables, Enamelled Copper Wire/ Strip, Braided Copper Wire, Braided Strips, Tinned Copper Wire, Nickel Copper Wire, Silver Plated Copper Wire, Tinsel Copper Wire, Aluminium Wire etc.

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Our Quality Products

  • Copper Wire
    Copper Wire

    We manufacture Electrolytic Copper Wire which is of 99.99% purity free from all types of alloys.

  • Stranded Copper Wire
    Bare Copper Wire

    Stranded copper wire is much more flexible than solid wire and has a much larger range of motion.

  • Bare Copper Strip
    Bare Copper Strip

    We manufacture bare copper strip that are used in automatic machine to enhance production.

  • PVC Wires & Cables
    PVC Wire

    PVC copper wires are used extensively in making power transformers, panel boards, electric motors, etc.

  • Aluminium Wire
    Aluminium Wire

    We offer a wide range of all Aluminium conductors (AAC), which is also known as aluminium stranded conductor.

  • Tinsel Copper Wire
    Tinsel Copper Wire

    Tinsel wire is a form of electrical wire used when maximum mechanical flexibility is desired.

  • Tin Coated Copper Wire
    Tin Coated Copper Wire

    In order to do tin coating on copper wire the material needs to go through a serious of process.

  • Braided Copper Wires
    Braided Copper Wires

    The braided copper wire is used as flexible connector for electric appliance, electric stove and storage battery.

  • Connector / Jumpers
    Braided Flexible Connector / Jumpers

    The braided flexible connectors deliver the maximum amount of electrical power at peak efficiency.

  • Fiber Glass Wire
    Fiber Glass Wire

    Fiber Glass Wire is a composition of glass tape and metal. In Fiber Glass Wire bare copper conductor.

  • Winding Wire
    Submersible Winding Wire

    We are producing top quality submersible winding wire widely used across various industries.

  • Nickel Copper Wire
    Nickel Copper Wire

    Nickel copper alloy, sometimes called Cupronickel is basically an alloy of copper which contains nickel.

  • Silver Plated Copper Wire
    Silver Plated Copper Wire

    We manufacture a wide range of silver plated copper wire that is known for its flexibility , resistance.

  • Enamelled Wire / Strip
    Enamelled Copper Wire & Strip

    We manufacture and distribute a qualitative range of Enamelled Copper Wire using 99.99% ETP Grade copper.

Established in Year 1959 & Accredited with the license of ISO 9001:2015 and ROHS Certified