Submersible Winding Wire

As an ISO 9002 certified organization Rajasthan Electric Industries is into manufacturing, supplying as well as exporting numerous kinds of wires, cables etc.

We are also into producing top quality submersible winding wire widely used across various industries. Our submersible winding wire is renowned for its quality in the market. This wire is insulated with polyester and poly propylene to ensure their full capability to withstand extremely high temperature and mechanical abrasion. The copper conductor used in the winding wire is of required purity and conductivity which is drawn and annealed to the required standards.

All our products are renowned for enhanced performance, resistance to mechanical abrasion as well as high temperature.

The submersible winding wire is manufactured in various sizes suiting to the requirement of the customer. The product is highly flexible, durable and requires low maintenance.

wire wire
Item Code : S.W.W-01 Item Code : S.W.W-02
wire wire
Item Code : S.W.W-03 Item Code : S.W.W-04

Winding wires are mainly used in winding of various electrical applications such as headphones, loudspeakers, electric motors, transformers, inductors, generators, loudspeaker coils, hard drive head positioners and host of other devices. The main purpose of a winding wire is to wire a device for passing electric current and charge, and at the same time ensuring that the electric current or charge is not wasted while transportation. Winding wire is also known as magnetic wire in some demographics, and is extensively used in the electric manufacturing industry. Submersible winding wire is used in deep water or is mainly immersed in water. It is used for those electrical devices and appliances which are mostly used underwater.

Rajasthan Electric is the best known name for manufacturing world class submersible winding wire. The wires manufactured at Rajasthan Electric are insulted with polyester and poly propylene which ensures that the wires can absorb maximum pressure and can withstand maximum temperature under water. Additionally, the copper which is used for manufacturing submersible winding wire are chosen as the highest quality, which can give the best results. Our submersible cable and submersible winding wire are flexible, durable and customized as per your specific requirements.

Rajasthan Electric is backed by a powerful team of quality testers and auditors, who ensure that only world class products are delivered by us. Our products such as copper wire, aluminium wire, tinned copper wires and submersible winding wire are known of their high quality and stringiest quality checks. For more information related to our products, you can directly contact us.

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