Nickel Copper Wire

Nickel copper alloy, sometimes called Cupronickel is basically an alloy of copper which contains nickel and other strengthening materials such as iron and manganese. Because of its fantastic electrode potential, this alloy is used for sea water installations and machines. Nickel wire and nickel alloy are now broadly utilized in manufacturing underwater piping, heat exchangers and condensers for shipping industry.

The primary reason for choosing such nickel copper alloy is the fact that it is highly resistant to corrosion, which is the main reason for metal decay under sea water. As its electrode potential is adjusted to be neutral with regards to the sea water, this alloy can be safely used for those machines and instruments which are used under sea. There exists a range of different copper nickel alloys that possess different properties and hence are suited to a range of different applications. Some of the better known copper nickel alloys include:

  • Copper with 10% nickel
  • Copper with 30% nickel
  • Copper with 25% nickel with 0.05-0.4% manganese
  • Copper with 45% nickel (also known as constantan)

All copper nickel alloys consist of only one phase as the copper nickel binary system exhibits complete solid solubility. If you are searching for high quality nickel copper wire, nickel wire and products related to nickel alloy then your search ends here. Rajasthan Electric has been a pioneer in providing world class copper nickel alloy and related products for some of the biggest industries and manufacturers all over the world.

Material: Copper Alloys - Copper Nickel Alloys

Property Minimum Value (S.I.) Maximum Value (S.I.) Maximum Value (S.I.) Minimum Value (Imp.) Maximum Value (Imp.) Units (Imp.)
Atomic Volume (average) 0.0071 0.0073 m3/kmol 433.268 445.473 in3/kmol
Density 8.5 8.95 Mg/m3 530.638 558.731 lb/ft3
Energy Content 140 180 MJ/kg 15167.4 19501 kcal/lb
Bulk Modulus 130 170 GPa 18.8549 24.6564 106 psi
Compressive Strength 85 550 MPa 12.3282 79.7708 ksi
Endurance Limit 138 240 MPa 20.0152 34.809 ksi
Fracture Toughness 26 79 MPa.m1/2 23.6612 71.8937 ksi.in1/2
Hardness 580 1650 MPa 84.1219 239.312 ksi
Loss Coefficient 1.5e-005 0.00056 1.5e-005 0.00056
Modulus of Rupture 85 550 MPa 12.3282 79.7708 ksi
Poisson's Ratio 0.34 0.35 0.34 0.35
Shear Modulus 45 58 GPa 6.5267 8.41219 106 psi
Tensile Strength 267 624 MPa 38.7251 90.5036 ksi
Young's Modulus 120 156 GPa 17.4045 22.6259 106 psi
Glass Temperature K °F
Latent Heat of Fusion 220 240 kJ/kg 94.5825 103.181 BTU/lb
Maximum Service Temperature 425 480 K 305.33 404.33 °F
Melting Point 1384 1508 K 2031.53 2254.73 °F
Minimum Service Temperature 0 0 k -459.67 -459.67 °F
Specific Heat 384 386 J/kg.K 0.297162 0.298709 BTU/lb.F
Thermal Conductivity 19 66 W/m.K 35.5686 123.554 BTU.ft/h.ft2.F
Thermal Expansion 16 17 10-6/K 28.8 30.6 10-6/°F
Breakdown Potential MV/m V/mil
Dielectric Constant
Resistivity 11.7 36.3 10-8 ohm.m 11.7 36.3 10-8 ohm.m

wire wire
Item Code : N.C.W- 01 Item Code : N.C.W- 02
wire wire
Item Code : N.C.W- 03 Item Code : N.C.W- 04
wire wire
Item Code : N.C.W- 05 Item Code : N.C.W- 06

Applications of Nickel Copper Wire

Nickel copper wire, which is composed of copper and nickel, is a useful alloy having diversified usage in various industries. Depending on the usage and application, different proportions of copper and nickel are used to create different type of wires.

One of the primary advantages of Nickel copper wire is its resistance to corrosion.

Due to this unique property, instruments and applications which use this alloy have a long life when used under sea water and moisture laden areas.

Heating cables are excellent examples of the usage of nickel copper wire.

A heating cable is a device which is used to provide heat or warm. Examples are heating cables for soil and plants. As nickel copper wire is resistant to extreme temperatures and pressure, heating cables are effectively able to function without any problem.

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