Tinsel Copper Wire / Silver Wire / Tin Wire

Tinsel wire is a form of electrical wire used when maximum mechanical flexibility is desired. It is commonly found in cords used for telephones, especially the handset cords. Because of its extreme flexibility, it is very resistant to failing as a result of metal fatigue. In this way it is different than ordinary stranded wire or, especially, solid wire.Tinsel wire is made by wrapping several strands of thin copper foil around a textile core. Because the foil is very thin, its is extremely flexible. Crimped connections are commonly used. Usually, the connector has a series of barbs that pierce the insulation that covers the tinsel wire, allowing the connection to be made without any need to strip the insulation for the conductor.

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A copper wire is an ideal choice for power transfer ranging from short distances to long ones. Copper molecules being an excellent conductor of electricity next only to silver presents a cost-effective and reliable material for power transfer and making other electronic goods and gadgets. Besides being used in electrical and electronics copper is also used in making utensils, jewelry making, deep water fishing and as important alloy in chemical industry.

Tinsel Copper wires are extensively used in telephone cords, speakers and telecom cables. These wires are made from electrolytic grade pure copper foils which are annealed and then copper wires are being wrapped on a nylon thread or textile core. This makes the tinsel copper wire extremely flexible and resistance to breaking. One has to just connect the wires with other copper wires through the barbs piercing through the insulated covering and hence need not strip the insulation. Likewise Bunched Copper Wire are wires arranged parallel in a group like strands of a rope and these wires are used as connectors due to its flexibility, strength and break-free nature.

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