Braided Flexible Connector – Jumpers

We are using electrolytic grade copper wire to manufacture braided flexible connectors. The braided flexible connectors deliver the maximum amount of electrical power at peak efficiency. Our flexible connectors can be made to exact specifications, at half the resistance levels of present connectors. Copper flexible connectors are also manufactured to compensate for vibration, expansion/contraction of busses and to deliver minimum resistance values.


Railways & Locomotive, Control Panels, Transformers, Induction furnish, Switch Gear, Relay Switches, Earthlings Tap, Electronics items Power meter connectors, Electronics, Turbine Connectors.

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wire wire
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Copper is used extensively for electrical wiring purposes due to its excellent conductivity, ductility and malleability, high melting point and resistance to corrosion. Copper is first mined from the earth’s crust and then passed through a series of chemical processes for purification of copper from different impurities such as nickel and cadmium. Manufacturing wires demand copper of absolute purity which is achieved by electrolytic process.

Braided copper wires are thin copper wires interwoven together to form a common strand used for electrical appliances, cable wire, and earthing wire and other switches and cables. Electrolytic grade pure copper is used for making braided copper wire which can then be braided together to form flat or round shaped braided copper wire. One can easily avail copper wires of desirable length and diameter as per one’s business needs and specifications from Indian wire manufacturers and exporters.

Braided copper connectors are used to connect the electrical appliances and thus help in power transfer from one place to another with the least resistance. These flexible connectors or jumpers are used in transformers, railways and locomotives, switch gear, power meter connectors and others. These connectors also act like shock-absorbers and tolerate the force of vibration, expansion and contraction in the mining trains, metros and busses.

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