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If you are searching for high quality Copper Wires, then your search ends with us. We are the providers of world class copper wire which is recommended and preferred by some of the largest construction companies and telecommunication majors all over the world.

We supply and manufacture high grade Copper Wire which meets all international standards of quality and performance. Our large arsenal of pure copper allows us to manufacture all types of copper wires from 99.99% purity levels to mixed and alloys of copper. Additionally, copper wires provided from our end can be fully customized and tailor-made as per your specific requirements.

We manufacture Electrolytic Copper Wire which is of 99.99% purity free from all types of alloys. The material is drawn into various sizes of fine quality wire through a number of machines.

What exactly is Copper Wire?

Copper Wire is a single electrical conductor manufactured out of Copper Ore. This widely used conductor can either be insulated or uninsulated. Having a moderate conductivity, it’s used to transfer electricity with low voltage. Electrical wiring in buildings is the largest market for the copper industry worldwide. As per an estimation, around half of the copper mines is consumed in manufacturing electrical wire and cable conductors.

Properties of Copper Wire

  • Tensile Strength
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Strength and Ductility combination
  • Creep resistance (it doesn’t change much due to heat)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion
  • Ease of installation
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Ability to be soldered
Copper Wire Copper Wire
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Copper Wire Copper Wire
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Type of Copper Wire

  • Tin Coated Copper Wire: Once the wire is made of copper, it is further processed by making use of tin thus creating a tin coated copper wire. Usually there are two methods of creating tin coated copper wire, one is – hot dipping, and the second method is – electroplating. In the first method, strands of copper are dipped into hot tin whereas, in the second option, rectifier and electrical charge are utilized.

  • Solid & Stranded: Solid wire is formed by one strand of copper metal wire, bare or surrounded by an insulator. Typically, single-strand copper conductors are used as magnet wire in motors and transformers. Compared to other wire, they are rigid, doesn’t get bended easily, and are usually installed in permanent, frequently handled, and low flex application.

    A stranded wire is combination of copper wires bunched or twisted together. It is easier to install than a single-strand wire of the similar cross section. Stranding enhances the life of the wire in application with vibration.

Benefits of Using Copper Wire

Copper wire is the most preferred wire today for umpteen critical industries, like – electronics, telecommunications, construction, marine, and so forth. These great features of Copper wire have made it an obvious choice for these industries.

Here are the imperative benefits of Copper Wire:
  • Flexibility: Flexible in nature, Copper wire can be moulded, cut and blend to suit the needs. Such need is widely required in industries such as – marine and construction.
  • Conductivity: Copper is the second highest conductivity element, with silver being the most. Because of the extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity features of Copper wire and less expensive than silver, make Copper wire the most sought-after wire for industries.
  • Melting Point: Since Copper displays absolutely high melting point, it suits to the needs of industries like-electrical and construction.
  • Strength: Copper wire is very strong as it is made out of high tensile Copper Ore. In industries like telecommunication where wire is used for signal transmission across long distance, wire of similar strength is required.
  • Compatible: Copper wires such as – bare copper wire and tinsel copper wire - are highly compatible with one another, and they can form brisk mixture should there be need.

Best Uses of Copper Wire

Since the copper was first recognized for its high conductivity in 1820, people around the globe have been working tirelessly to find out the different ways to reap the optimal benefits of copper. They have been able to manufacture different types of copper wire that work almost any application for electrical current need. Other popular uses for copper wire includes, solid or stranded bare copper wire, copper wire cables and plated copper wire. Although, not all of them is involved in electricity, they are one of the most useful metals.

Major industries using Copper Wire

Marine Sector
Shipping Sector
Electrical Sector
Electronic Sector
Communication Sector
Construction Sector

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