What Makes Bunched Copper Wire Useful?

Copper has always been an extensively used metal by manufacturers of electrical goods and appliances. This is because copper has very high thermal and electrical conductivity. It can be conveniently molded to produce many different types of applications. This is also why a copper wire exporter today is in a great deal of demand.

Copper Wire Exporter

Copper wires are preferred because they have very high corrosion resistance, ductile strength and malleability. However, the pure copper wire variety is not as ductile or malleable as one would hope it would be. This explains why drawing them into thin wires may be a challenge. However, when you mix these with other metals like zinc or silver they become malleable. You can find bunched copper wire variety and solid copper wire variety when you shop for copper. The solid wire as the name suggests will comprise of a single copper strand or wire. The bunched copper wire, on the other hand, comprises of multiple wires and these can be bent easily. The solid wire having one strand alone is not easily bendable. This makes the solid wire variety best suited for permanent, low-flex applications such as motors and transformers, or for house electrical wiring purposes.

Where do we use the bunched copper wire and why?

The solid copper wire is easier and cheaper to make and it will also be more susceptible to corrosion. The bunched copper wire will have many small gauge wires which are either braided or compressed together. They are also coated with some non-conductive material. They can be twisted easily to produce semi-concentric and concentric loops. So, with the same cross-section, it is far easier to install the bunched wire than the solid wire. These wires will have better resistance powers and when you bend these, they tend to become harder. So, you may use the bunched copper wire for making wires for speakers, in automobiles, for headphone cables, appliance cables etc.

How to find the bunched copper wire variety in the market:

You will find that there are many copper wire exporters which offer the bunched copper wire. This variety is popular because of its flexibility and durability. They may be used like ropes for tying knots and also as connectors. They are extensively used for making cables and without these, cable connections are found to suffer. Bunched copper wires will guarantee seamless connections, allowing cables to perform without hitches. So, you will find such wires in the Ethernet industry and in telephones.

Bunched Copper Wire

The only problem with the stranded wire variety if that they are very costly to make because they involve a complex procedure. Moreover, they may fail because of corrosion dues to capillary action and high surface areas. To buy this variety, you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of such wires online. It is recommended that you read reviews about the products offered by such manufacturers and check their credentials. The company should supply only tested and qualitatively superior products which can be returned or exchanged if need be.

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