How Special Cables Make Wiring Safer and Effective

Copper wires have always been used for making special cables which can be used for transmitting electric power safely. Conductors are nothing buy physical mediums which can carry electrical energy from one point to another and these happen to be key components of both underground and overhead power distribution and transmission systems. You can choose a conductor depending on efficiency and price. The best conductors will be able to guarantee maximum electrical conductivity. In this sense, copper wires are the best choice because they have exceptionally high electrical and thermal conductivity. They also have high tensile strength which is capable of withstanding mechanical stresses.

Copper Wires

Why do you need to buy special cables?

When you are looking for special cables for electrical power transmissions you will find them to be made from either copper or aluminum. These are also usually made from stranded copper wires which can offer higher flexibility. To be able to transmit electrical power with minimum losses, the cable conductors must have high conductivity and low resistivity. Both copper wires and aluminum wires are excellent cable conductors as they offer low resistivity and come for low costs. Copper is denser compared to aluminum and also has higher melting point. This allows it to give superior performance even under short circuit conditions. So, copper wiring is also mechanically far stronger. But its high density may make it slightly less flexible compared to aluminum. Copper is usually used more often in industrial plants and in applications wherein there are space restrictions, like aircrafts and offshore platforms.

What are the advantages of using copper wires for making special cables?

  • As mentioned earlier, copper wires are an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. So, no other metal can really compete against it as far as conductivity is concerned.
  • Copper wires are also preferred because copper is a ductile metal which can be stretched as required. You can extend it easily without fear of damaging the wire or even breaking it. This property is highly advantageous because it allows you to use the wire to go through hard-to-reach places, especially when you do home wiring.
  • Copper is also resistant to both abrasion and corrosion; this explains why you can use this wiring for all appliances which are left exposed to wet conditions. These wires will not undergo frequent wear and tear and they can resist harsh weather changes.
  • Copper wires are popular because they can also withstand very high temperatures. When high voltage electric current passes through the wires, the surface temperatures rise and there may frequent rise and fall of temperatures in the high-tension lines. Other wires cannot withstand such extremities of temperature and copper is a universal choice.

To get good quality special cables, you should reach out to online manufacturers of copper wires. You can read reviews on these manufacturers before buying anything from them. It is recommended that you choose a manufacturer which has a rock solid reputation and serves a large client base.

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