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Copper Wire

If you are searching for high quality Copper Wires, then your search ends with us. We are the providers of world class copper wire which is recommended and preferred by some of the largest construction companies and telecommunication majors all over the world.

We manufacture Electrolytic Copper Wire which is of 99.99% purity free from all types of alloys. The material is drawn into various sizes of fine quality wire through a number of machines.

We supply and manufacture high grade Copper Wire which meets all international standards of quality and performance. Our large arsenal of pure copper allows us to manufacture all types of copper wires from 99.99% purity levels to mixed and alloys of copper. Additionally, copper wires provided from our end can be fully customized and tailor-made as per your specific requirements.

Advantages of Copper Wire:-

Copper wire is widely used in several important industries such as telecommunications, electronics, electrical, construction, marine etc. What makes copper such an important ingredient of these industries?

Below are 5 indispensable advantages of Copper Wire:

  • Conductivity: Copper has extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, as compared with other metals. Only Silver has more conductivity than copper; but wide-scale usage of silver cannot be accomplished due to high costs associated with it. Due to this excellent quality, copper wires are widely used in several industries.
  • Flexibility: In some industries such as construction and marine, you got to have a flexible metal which can be moulded, cut and bend in order to fit into the requirements. Besides copper, there are very few other metals which are so flexible and easy to work with.
  • Melting Point: Copper displays extremely high melting point. Hence, in construction and electrical industry, copper wires are recommended than anything else. As very high degree of temperature is required to melt copper, it is considered safe and secured.
  • Strength: Copper is a very strong metal. Wires drawn out from copper displays good tensile strength, which is helpful in telecommunications industry where copper wires are used for transmitting signals across long distances.
  • Compatible: Copper products such as bare copper wire, tinsel copper wire etc are compatible with one another and can form quick alloy when there is any requirement. This makes the usage of copper wire more prominent in several industries, where a variety of metals and materials are used for fulfilling the objectives.
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Tin Coated Copper Wire silver copper wire
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The product range: - 8 mm to 0.10mm

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The product range: - 8 mm to 0.10mm

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Features of Copper Wire:

Today, copper wire is the most preferred and recommended material for usage in telecommunication and electrical industry. Due to its excellent electrical and thermal properties, copper wire can provide far better performance when compared with other metals.
Below are few features of copper wire:

  • Creep Resistance: Creep is the term used to define the deformity of metals when exposed to constant expansion and contraction. Especially relevant for electrical and electronics industry, creep effect can severely hamper production as extra metal and constant checking is required to negate the effect. Copper has negligible effect of creeping and it can retain its original shape despite heavy loading and usage.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Due to humidity, moisture and other atmospheric conditions, metals can experience unwanted breakdown and weakening which can negatively affect the whole structure and architecture. Fortunately, copper is a corrosion resistant metal which makes it a favourite for marine and under-water applications.
  • Ease of installation:  Copper is extremely hard, flexible and durable metal, which makes it really easy to install and mould as per the requirements. As a result, without using an special joints or tools or washers etc, copper wiring can be installed easily and quickly. This property makes it favourite for construction industry.

 Applications of Copper Wire

Copper wires have several crucial and strategic applications in industries such:

  • Electrical Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Shipping Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Construction Industry

Due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is the most preferred metal to be used compared with aluminium and silver which are expensive and perform poorly when made a comparison. When telephone and telegraph lines were starting to be laid out in America, copper wires were the first preference by telecommunication companies and firms. The usage of copper wire in shipping and marine industry is also very important as copper has excellent anti-corrosion properties, which make the under-water appliances and machines, last longer and perform better.
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