Braided Copper Strip: Why Is It Better Than Solid Copper Wire?

What is strong yet can be handled with ease? A braided copper strip! You may have seen it, but not given it a thought. How easily copper wires and strips blend with our lives, helping us enjoy uninterrupted power supply! Yet, how easily we overlook them!

But if you are on the lookout for braided copper strips, you need to know about them more. Such a strip usually uses tinned copper thanks to its characteristics such as high corrosion resistance and high conductivity. Tinned copper can be soldered easily, finding a place in various types of electrical applications.

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Copper strip with braids is generally used in grounding, bonding straps, cable shielding, and protective coverings. 

The making of braided copper strip

Flexible, thin wire strands of copper are joined together. Then, they are wound on high-speed rotating spools in a circular pattern. This forms a sturdy braid. It is beaten and molded into strip. Sometimes, manufacturers use pressure roller machines to flatten the wires to give them a strip shape. This is how braided strips are born.

Round braided strips and flat braided strips are equally durable and strong; but flat ones provide a larger surface area. They render lesser resistance during electric flow. This makes for high efficiency and excellent performance.

What’s so special about the braid?

Braided copper strips are precious things for many industries. Such strips display superior flexibility. This is one of the most noteworthy qualities of braided strips. When fine copper strands are woven together to form a braid they make for an ideal product for a variety of applications.

Solid copper wires are no match in applications that require braided copper wires and strips. Solid wires may snap when utilized in sharp corners and bends in electrical wiring. Braided wires and strips don’t. Their high flexibility makes them the winner. That’s why they are ideal for wring in congested spaces. 

Safe and reliable – two most sought after features in the electric world

Braided copper strips provide both!

The stranded design and the quality of high conductivity together make for a super material that can endure fluctuations and varying voltages. They are in high demand for making advanced electrical circuits.

Due to their ability to absorb shock and vibrations, they are used in grounding. They are also great for use in radio settings. The braided strip’s larger surface area renders lesser resistance to radio frequencies.

You can find braided copper strip in lightning protection system. The braided design offers low resistance route to ground. This generates minimum heat. So, the system becomes safer and probability of hazards reduces. Thanks to braided copper used in such system, risks of fire in a building and the structure being hit by lightning are diminished.

For high quality braided copper strips and braided connectors, names like Rajasthan Electric are reliable. They are pros in this field with decades of experience in manufacturing superior quality wires, strips, and more to be used for electrical applications. Their products are marketed under the brand name “BRITEX.”

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