Copper Strip and its Multi- Purpose Usage in All Types of Industries

Copper strip is being widely used among the different forms of copper by most industries and is an essential element in many types of applications. Copper is in huge demand and applied in some form or the other in all the major industries like decorative art, jewelry, construction, submersible pumps, electrical, electronics, interior designing, home appliances, electroplating plants, power transformers, generators, automatic machines, and the list will go on and on.

Why Bare Copper Wire is Demanded in Different Industries

The benefits of a copper strip in general are

  • their robustness in carrying capacity,
  • excellent dimensional control for superior contacts
  • higher conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance
  • ability to perform even in harsh weather conditions.
  • almost zero maintenance.

As mentioned above, the benefits are many and so this copper variety is applied in several ways. You can find them extensively in bus duct manufacturing, railway electrification, panel boards, switch gears, automotive manufacturers and connectors.

1. In making motors for the electric powered vehiclesused in the automobile industry

2. in the manufacturing of radiators in heat exchange applications.

3. in the shipbuilding, defence, ship repairing, power plants, refineries, hydropower projects etc.

4. in manufacturing precision cables that are vastly used by the marine cable, coaxial cable industries, and telecommunication sector.

Easily customizable

Like every other copper products, the copper strip has high conductivity and superior dimensional control which make them ideal for diverse industrial, commercial and residential applications. They have greater mechanical properties, flexibility, and suppleness. Furthermore, it will be appropriate to mention that they can be easily fabricated either by welding or soldering. Because of its uniqueness, it enables the manufacturers to customize it in any shape and size as per the client requirements.

The copper strip comes in two forms: bare and covered. The bare strip is available in a wide range of dimensions and is used in a raw material form in several industries. It is suitable in soils with high salt content. They are highly tensile and strong and useful in reducing wastage while enhancing production. Being quite elastic, they can be customized as per the individual requirements of the users. The covered form is enclosed in a paper. They are vastly seen being applied in oil-filled transformers, switchgears, and many other industrial areas. The covered strip is also used in mints for coin making.

Another popular variance of copper that is widely utilized by most industries is the bare copper wire. It is raw without any coating hence termed bare. It is widely used in the constructions both commercial and residential. It is a good conductor, durable, and useful for the workers as it offers great resistance to electric shocks. There are three varieties of bare wire that is available. One is the soft bare copper that is applied in bonding and grounding electrical circuits and systems. It is sturdy but soft enough to bend and curve at edges. The second is the hard-drawn bare copper which is coated. it does not bend easily. The third variety is the stranded bare copper which is strong, flexible, used in a bundled form.

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