How Can You Benefit from Flat Copper Wire?

Copper wires have always been the most trusted wires for electrical goods manufacturing purposes. The use of copper wire is not likely to lessen in the future too and most electrical products manufacturing companies find copper to be easiest to work with. For wiring projects in buildings too copper wires are trusted most. Copper wires are popular as they are excellent conductors of electricity but are heat resistant. Since they will not burn even with overloading, they are highly preferred for machines which have heavy electrical circuits. Copper wires are also highly resistant to rusting and even if some patina may appear because of oxidation, it never affects functioning of the copper wires. Copper is also a ductile metal and it may be used to make wires of any kind of thickness. Electrical goods manufacturers choose copper wiring is because it is very safe and will not melt even if there is an electrical surge or fluctuation. The wires however do look messy at times and this is why flat copper wire is preferred.


Why is the flat copper wire preferred?

  • The flat copper wire is easier to use and these are usually of superior quality. Because this wire is very narrow, it is saved from any type of pressure. The electrical engineers had earlier used the round cables or wires but flat cables came about since the 1950s. Since flexibility is the key to better performance of any kind of application which involves movements, like automated medical equipments for diagnosis or robotics, flat cables are used. Because of multiple bending cycles the conductors in the round cables can corkscrew and this may trigger malfunctions, reducing the shelf life of the wires. The flat nature of the cables makes them last longer.
  • When you choose the flat copper wire you can also save space. Because of the shape it will take much less space compared to round copper cables.
  • Since the flat wire construction is mechanically robust, it will not need large conductors to give it more strength. You will not need unnecessary fillers and tapes to make such flat wires stringer. The cross section of these copper wires may be reduced to what is needed for carrying current loads.
  • The flat copper wire will have a better surface-to-volume ratio as compared to the rounded wires. This will also give them better efficiency when it comes to dissipating heat.
  • The flat copper wire is also highly flexible and can be conveniently twisted to make them fit into cross section areas. This degree of flexibility may be used for machines where constant flexing is needed such as drawers or doors or rotating arms etc.
  • Since insulation and conductors share the tensile loads, therefore these flat wires have higher strength. You can use the flat wires for a variety of purposes as these can be bent easily and you will not have to face installation problems or fastening problems which are common with round cables.

Having been made from round wire inlets the flat copper wire can be used for multi-slide forming, high-speed stamping and transformer windings. Prior to using these, these flat wires are made harder through continuous heating and cooling. This is why they are fit for all types of applications. The PVC wires & cables have high tensile strength and these are also similarly flexible and versatile, great electricity conductors and most widely used for home applications.

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