Reasons to Use the Aluminium Rod for Producing Electrical Goods

Aluminium like brass or steel, copper or zinc is a metal. This metal can be melted and cats to produce wires and rods that can be used for conducting electrical current. Usually the equipment and fabrication techniques used for making steel are used when making aluminium rod and aluminium wires.

Why is aluminium rod popular?

Features that have made aluminium a much preferred metal for electrical goods manufacturing industries are:

  • It is light in weight and about one-third of the weight of steel. This is why aluminium is used for making automobiles because it lowers the dead weight as well as the energy consumption but heightens the load capacity.  By changing composition of aluminium alloys, its strength can be changed.
  • Aluminium produces a protective coating of oxide which is known to be highly resistant to corrosion or rusting. This property can be further upgraded by using surface treatment processes like painting, lacquering etc. This makes it very useful for application in which protection or conservation is a must.
  • Aluminium is also an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. It is twice as good as copper in terms of being a conductor. Perhaps this is the reason why aluminium is being used extensively for major power transmission projects.
  • Besides, aluminium is a great reflector of light and heat; these advantages along with its low weight make it perfect for manufacturing light fittings.
  • This metal is highly ductile having low melting point and low density, making it easy to mould it into different forms.

How is aluminium rod made?

These are only some advantages which have made aluminium a preferred metal in electrical good manufacturing industries. The aluminium rod is manufactured using multiple processes like extrusion, coiling and rolling or drawing directly from molten aluminium. These methods can elongate the aluminium into bar-shaped pieces or circular pieces which may be put inside machines to produce different shapes.  Machine parts like nails, screws and rivets are produced using aluminium rod or bar. The aluminium wires are used extensively in electrical transmission applications because of their non-corrosive nature and super conductivity. Other products of daily use made from aluminium bar or aluminium rod include aluminium antennas, zippers, twistable twist-ties for keeping food fresh etc.

The aluminium rods are produced through a method similar to the rolling sheet method. Here, a square ingot is put under heat and progressively cut down into sections by passing it through many rolls and then they are coiled. The coils are thereafter heated and progressively thinned to produce bars and rods.

The aluminium rod is most extensively used in electrical transmission lines. In this market, there is perhaps no other metal which is as extensively used as aluminium. It is most cost-effective when it comes to providing power. To choose quality aluminium rod manufacturers, it is a good idea to do some research beforehand. You can read online reviews about the manufacturing companies and go through customer feedbacks on the products before buying them.

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