Why Do You Need the Glass Wire?

You will find a variety of wires today, whether it is copper wire, aluminum wire or glass wire, and these are designed to cater to different types of needs. Since there is a multiplicity of industries like marine, aviation, real estate etc, you will also need diverse wires for each of these types. The importance of fiber glass wire in the market has increased recently. The way these glass wires are produced is much different from the ways in which other kinds of wires are manufactured.


Why is the fiber glass wire extensively used?

In a fiber glass wire, there is a wrapping or tape made of glass which is meant for protection and security of the metal which is inside from outside heat and damages. The unique way in which these glass wires are produced is also why such wires have been used in a wide range of industries where physical and chemical environments are involved.

Usage of such wires has increased substantially in the past few years. This is especially true of industries wherein the heat from instruments is exceptionally high. There are devices and appliances which have no choice but to use the glass wire. For instance, motors and heaters which handle excess heat are best suited for these wires. The glass wire is also preferred as has very high durability and can be easily used in areas experiencing low and high voltage.

The glass wires are also popularly called fiber optic cables; they are essentially strands of glass which help in transmitting light. This light will bear the digital signals and communication happens at record speed. The use of fiber glass wire has actually made the use of the metal wire almost redundant. This is because these wires can actually send light without experiencing losses and the cables are also unique as they are immune to electromagnetic interferences.  The cladding or protective layer guarantees this. So, the glass wire is found to be far more reliable and secure. They can therefore run smoothly in high-voltage environments. Another interesting thing about the glass wire is that it may carry signals which are of differing wavelengths. However, the light signals that are of diverse wavelength will never interfere with one another.

Another factor which works to the advantage of glass wires is that they will not degrade fast like the copper wires where signals may degrade as distance increases. You will have to set up repeaters which are capable of reading and sending the signals again. So, fiber optic cables turn out to be not only easier to set up, but also cheaper in the long run. When you have many repeaters, it will affect the processing speed; that is why fiber cables are faster signal transmitters.

Finally, the glass wire can also carry a lot of data at one go which means it can work in place of many heavy and costly cables. This is why high speed internet connectivity has been made possible using such wires. Even HD televisions are seen to use the glass wire because they enable HD picture quality and high definition audio.

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