Braided Copper Wire and its Properties

Copper has been regarded as one of the most important metals in the history of mankind. Various alloys as well as products related to copper have been manufactured and widely used round the world across various industrial segments. Copper braided wire and tinned copper from India have been utilized by the industrialized in large amounts.

Copper braided wire has been used wherever large flexibility is needed; since it is known to be much stronger than the solid copper wire it has the ability to withstand more weight. Copper braided wire is used across electrical cables and speaker wires for headphone cables and appliances. The thickness of this kind of wire is varied. It can be used as thin wires in ear bud headphones and thicker when used in overhead power lines.

Copper strip manufacturers and copper wire manufacturers of India produce this kind of copper through high conductivity ETP grade Copper wire with diameter ranging from 0.07 mm to 0.30 mm.

Tinned copper India is another category which is available at highly economical prices. The tin coating provides copper wire excellent anti-corrosion as well as soldering benefits. It has very flexible dimension and has the ability to retain the overall flexibility. Moreover copper is available as tinned, un-tinned or silvered copper

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