Copper – Much More Than Just Bare Strips and Bunched Wires

Ever saw mother offering sweet holy water to sun god from a reddish brown pot, or observed your grandmother admonishing about drinking water kept in a particular jar or heard of centuries old culture of throwing coins into holy rivers? In India, one must have come across the paraphernalia of the pundit and him recommending someone to wear a ring to please a certain god. Behold! Here comes the mighty Copper- the king of metals, the polymath. It is very adventurous to ascribe an adjective meant to glorify a human being. But, copper deserves without an ounce of doubt. It pleases gods, it could be adorned as a jewelry and above all it’s good for rivers and your health. What else do we need! Copper has been crowned as the first metal to be extracted and used for engineering purposes. Initially, it was used by Mesolithic man around 6000 B.C. for making basic tools, weapons and vessels.

Copper is a metal which is not highly reactive. It slowly reacts with oxygen to form a platina which stops corrosion further. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity which makes it an ideal material to use in the electrical field. These properties of copper are incorporated in myriad ways, two amongst them are, namely, bare copper strips and bunched copper wire. Bare copper strip could be used in defense, hydro power projects, ship building, electrical conductors etc. In industrial applications, it could be used in automatic machines which reduces the production costs. As a less reactive metal, it becomes most suitable for the terrains which have high salt content in their soil. Its replacement rate is also very low, making it feasible and reliable.

Copper wires, whether solid or bunched, are accommodated in a wide range of products. They are literally everywhere i.e. in your earphones, fans, coolers, juicers, circuit boards etc. you name them and the coppered genie is already there! And it’s not at all exaggeration but simple truth.

Bunched copper wires provide flexibility. Copper in bunched wire form is extensively exploited in areas of where motion is explicitly required. It is a metal filled with paradoxes as it is soft yet ductile and strong. This could be ascertained from the fact that earphones complete more than 365 days despite being subjected to the throes of purgatory!

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