Reasons to Buy Copper Flat Wire

Copper has high thermal and electrical conductivity that makes the copper preferred more than any other metals when it comes to wiring. Copper wires will be available in two forms; copper round wire and copper flat wire. The copper flat wire, on its part, offers many distinct advantages making this variety much sought-after by manufacturers of electrical appliances. Such wires find extensive use in transformer windings, multi-side forming and high-speed stampings. You can even make these wires according to specific needs; depending on the specification desired, the copper wires maybe rounded or flat. It was mainly in the fifties that the demands for copper flat wire arose. These began to be produced for catering to higher consumer demands particularly with regard to aerospace applications. The copper flat wire is known for offering better performance and higher reliability.

Copper Flat Wire

Why is the copper flat wire popular?

  • As mentioned before, the flat copper wires are flexible and applications such as automated equipments for medical diagnosis, robotic applications etc will find these useful. When the plane is flat, conductors can be positioned parallel and the bend radius is far reduced than that of a rounded cable. When you use rounded cables for the job, the continuous bending movements may damage the cable and this shortens the life cycle of the wires and causes poor performance.
  • The copper flat wire variety is also preferred because it is space-saving. The flat cables have been designed such that these will take up far less area than if you were to use rounded cables.
  • When you use the copper flat wire, the overall weight of the object is also less. You will need fewer tapes, insulating materials and fillers so that the total weight is much lower. Since the flat cable is designed such that it stays fixed and likewise conductor spacing is also constant, features like time delays, crosstalk, impedance, capacitance etc remain uniform.
  • The flat power cables are also known for offering better capacity for transmitting currents. They can dissipate heat better than the rounded cables because the surface-to-volume ratio is greater.
  • Moreover, the flat copper wires will guarantee reduced time delays. This is possible as these cables show accurate physical and electrical length; this feature is also advantageous because it can reduce skewing effects.
  • When you use the classic flat copper wire, you can cut down on the numbers of conductors and you can even combine the conductor varieties such as twisted pairs, single conductors, shielded conductors etc. When a cable has many types of conductors, the assembly, designing and maintenance of such cables is much easier.

These advantages of the copper flat wire are the reasons why people buy this variety of wire so extensively. The flatĀ submersible cable like the flat copper wire is flexible. It can be conveniently installed in various locations and can give protection no matter what the weather. You will find these cables being used on pumps and motors.

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