What Are Key Benefits of Using Copper Electrical Wire?

There are many good reasons to use copper electrical wire, particularly for safety purposes. You will find that most electrical and electronic goods and appliances use the copper electrical wire. This is why it is one of the most extensively used wires. Even though there are other varieties like fiber-optic cables, copper wires continue to be popular. There are some important advantages which you can enjoy when you use the copper electrical wire.
What Are Key Benefits of Using Copper Electrical Wire

Key benefits of the copper electrical wire:

  • To start with, copper wiring is known for its conductivity and heat resistance. They rank next to silver in terms of conductivity. Moreover, the copper wires are also capable of handling much heavier loads of electricity as compared to non-precious metals. Copper has higher resistance power to heat and therefore can successfully do away with overloading issues.
  • Copper electrical wire is also preferred because it is ductile and malleable. The wires are even thinner than human hair and they can be easily bent or twisted as required. This is why copper wiring is perfect for constricted areas where the wires may need to be bent. You will not have to worry about the wires breaking or getting damaged when they are being twisted. Copper wire finds use both in heavy equipments like making of thick cables for electrical posts or for appliances like headphones which need ultra-thin wires.
  • Copper finds use is a variety of industries like manufacturing, electrical and electronic, telecom companies and even marine industries. This is because copper wires have very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Unlike silver which is known for highest conductivity, copper is highly affordable. In industries like marine or construction where wires have to be very flexible, copper finds a lot of use.
  • Copper electrical wire is preferred because this metal has a very high melting point. This means that it can withstand high temperatures. They are safe and will not melt easily.
  • As a metal, copper is very strong and the wires made from copper are found to have high tensile strength. This makes the copper electrical wire very beneficial for the telecommunication industry wherein the wires are needed for sending signals across very long distances.
  • In terms of compatibility too, copper wiring is popular because it can work easily with other metals. You will find a variety of copper wires like the bare copper wire, stranded wire, tinned copper wire etc.
  • Copper electrical wire has high resistance to corrosion. This is especially important for the marine industry where equipments are exposed to a lot of moisture. Because of excess humidity in the air, metals tend to experience breakdowns frequently. Copper however is resistant to rusting and this makes it much desirable for under-water equipments and marine appliances.
  • Installing and working with the copper electrical wire is simple and hassle-free. It is a strong and durable metal which can be set up and bent to suit buyer requirements.

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