What Makes the Tinned Copper Wire a Great Buy?

Copper wires are extensively used in the electronics and electrical industries because copper has high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. You can use tin for processing the copper wire to produce the tinned copper wire variety which is now becoming very popular. Tinned copper wire can be made from electroplating and hot dipping methods. In hot-dipping, copper strands have to be dipped into hot tin while in electroplating method; electrical charge is used for tinning the copper wires. Bare copper wires are solid or stranded wires which can be used in multiple applications as they are long lasting whether you use it in air, land or fluid medium. This makes the bare varieties better suited for outdoor projects in overhead transmissions and power distribution mechanisms. The stranded copper wires are flexible and best suited for the non-insulated jumpers, hooks or electrical grounding circuits.

What makes tinned copper wire useful?

  • The tinned copper wire variety is mainly used for specialty cables and wire bundles. This happens to be a much better choice when you compare it to other alloyed bare copper varieties that are much more expensive. Compared to the bare copper wires, tinned copper wire is found to be long lasting. It has a long shelf life because of the strong physical properties and can last nearly 10 times more than ordinary bare wires.
  • Another feature which makes the tinned copper wire useful is its power to resist corrosion. These wires are known to offer excellent resistance against rusting because of the thin tin layer which insulated the bare copper wires. This can withstand the regular wear-and-tear that occurs because of oxidation. So, the tinned copper variety is able to work seamlessly even at temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Unlike the bare copper variety which tends to lose its performance quotient with time, the tinned variety will continue to last even in harsh weather conditions and after wear and tear. The bare wires get affected because of over exposure to wet conditions for long periods of time, causing the occurrence of electrical short circuits that can even damage the appliances. Tinned wires are safer for use and will last much longer because of the anti-corrosion properties. This explains why these are extensively used for marine applications where the exposure to humidity is very high. So, you will find the tinned copper wire being used for trams and trains, trolleys, industrial cranes, automobiles etc.

When you must buy tinned copper wire, you need to purchase it from a reputed manufacturer which uses the right methods and follows quality standards in production. The manufacturer should offer only high quality wires that have been tested to be safe for use. They should have customer-friendly exchange or return policies in case products are found to be faulty. You can check for reviews online about the manufacturer and products. Reading through buyer feedbacks will help you decide whether the manufacturer you have chosen is reliable or not.

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