Why is Enamelled Copper Wire Useful?

The enamelled copper wire offers many advantages for electrical appliances. The enamelled wire, also called magnet wire, basically refers to an aluminum or copper wires which has been given a coating. This thin layer of insulation makes it useful for building transformers, motors, inductors, hard disk actuators, speakers, electromagnets etc. The enamelled copper wire is electrolytically-refined copper. The aluminum wire which is enamelled is mainly used for motors and transformers since its insulation layer has been made from tougher polymer materials and not enamel. Since these wires come with a coating they are also popularly called magnet wires.

Where will you find use for the enamelled copper wire?

This type of copper wire is most extensively used in constructing transformers and motors. It finds use in applications which need insulated wires that are tightly coiled. You can use the coating on both copper and aluminum wires. The main reason for using this coating or “enamel” is to prevent the wire from getting caught in accidental short circuits. This also explains why you should use this type of wiring for building transformers, inductors and electromagnets.Rajasthanelectric

The enamelled copper wire is also useful because it can be soldered easily. Magnet wires will produce electromagnetic fields if you wind them to create coils; these get reenergized in the process. The magnet wire is primarily used for converting electrical into mechanical energy. It is also used for electrical-to-electrical energy conversions and to get electrical energy from mechanical energy.

The enamelled copper wire is used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy for making motors, office HVACs etc. This is why the wire finds use both for domestic purposes and official purposes. Most homes and utility companies are seen to use these wiring for making their electrical controls. To convert mechanical into electrical energy, you will need generators. So, you will find use for magnet or enamelled wires in televisions, telephones, computers and mobile phones. Electric motors will be used in a variety of household applications like machines, pumps, fans and blowers, power tools etc. The largest motors find use in applications which help to propel ships while the smallest ones are used for dial movements in electric watches.

The main reason for using copper is because of its high electrical conductivity. So, the use of this metal as compared to other types of metals is more because it improves energy efficiency for motors. Alternately, aluminum is also used mainly for construction of small horsepower motors where the motors are not being used constantly.

To buy the enamelled copper wire from a manufacturer online, you need to make sure that the manufacturing company is reliable and reputed. The company should only offer quality products which abide by global and local quality standards. The products must also be thoroughly tested to make them completely safe for use. Besides checking the company track record, you need to consult buyer feedbacks. It is always a good idea to compare products from various vendors before buying from one. The reputed companies will typically have helpful customer support staff willing to help you with your queries.

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