Why is the Bare Copper Strip Preferable?

The bare copper strip is extensively used because of its high conductivity. As compared to other metals which are available, copper appears to be the leading conductor and this is why it is invariably the first choice for manufacturers of electrical products and appliances. The bunched copper wire is made up of many strands of copper wires which are braided together. These can also be twisted and tweaked easily and offer many advantages.

Bare Copper WireWhat makes the bare copper strip preferred by manufacturers of electrical products?

  • One of the most striking features of the bare copper wire is the flexibility it offers. This is why it is possible to twist the wire or bend it to make wires even in constricted or hard-to-reach areas. For instance, when you do wiring at home there will be many such places where it is hard to fit electrical wiring, but with copper strips, this is never a problem. At the same time, just because the bare copper strip is very flexible does not mean that it is brittle and weak. It will not break under pressure and it can be conveniently adjusted and tweaked in various angles so that electrical wires are installed smoothly.
  • Besides being highly flexible and great conductors of electricity, the bare copper strip is also durable. So, when you choose copper strips to do wiring at home, you will not need to spend a lot of money on carrying out frequent repairs. These wires will also not become loose like in the case of other materials which is again dangerous.
  • The bare copper strip may be a good choice for appliances which tend to produce a lot of heat. This is because the bare wires will not catch fire even under very high temperatures. They are therefore safer to work with because they do not melt when there are surges or overloading. So, when you choose copper wires for doing your electrical wiring at home, you need not worry about fire hazards.
  • Copper strips are also found to be useful because you will not face issues of compatibility with them. Majority of producers of electrical products use copper wiring for their goods. So, it is always wiser to choose the bare copper strip for wiring at home as there will not be any reactions in this case. When you use copper wires with other wires there are chances of galvanic reactions and this can prove to be dangerous. So, electrical appliance makers prefer to use copper wiring for their appliances.
  • Copper strips are also highly resistant to rusting and this is why the bare copper strip is preferred to other metal strips. You do not have to worry about the formation of oxides on the wires because these are corrosion-resistant. This is an advantage of using copper wiring which makes it suitable for use in marine appliances too.

These are some of the most important reasons why the bare copper strip is used by most manufacturers of electrical products. The wires will not change because of continuous expansions and contractions due to weather fluctuations. The copper wires are known for their strength but that does not mean they are any less flexible.

The bunched copper wire contains many copper wires which have been compressed and braided together. These bunched wires can be coated with other non-conductive materials and twisted to form concentric loops. Installing the braided wires is therefore seen to be much easier than installing the bare copper wire. The bunched wires also have high resistance power to corrosion. As you bend these, they become even harder. This explains why the bunched copper wires are used for making headphone cables, speakers, and even in automobiles. The bunched wire also provides for smooth connections and lets cables perform optimally without any trouble.

Whether you buy the bare copper wire or bunched wire, you have to find reliable suppliers online. In doing so, you should reviews about the manufactures and check for customer feedbacks. You need to choose a supplier which has customer-friendly return or exchange policies so that you can get the items exchanged or replaced if they are not up to the mark.

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