Should You Buy the Enamelled Copper Wire?

Since copper is known to have better conductivity compared to aluminum, heat losses will be lower. Aluminum of course is lighter in weight than copper and since its capacity to withstand heat is thrice greater than copper, it can handle current overloads better. You will find that the PVC copper wire can be either flexible or rigid. The latter is mainly used for making pipes, cards, bottles and insulated cables. The PVC copper wire is very versatile, and has high tensile strength; it is a great conductor which is also easy to join. Because of its dynamic properties, such wires can be used for circuits, home appliances, home wiring uses, power supply solutions, mining operations, submarines etc.

What is the enamelled copper wire?

The enamelled copper wire is named such because this wire has an outside layer made up of robust materials which is thermoplastic by nature. It can bond the wire surfaces when heated. The thin insulation layer in the enamelled copper wire makes this useful for constructing motors and transformers, speakers, inductors and electromagnets. The enamelled copper wire is a wire which has been electrolytically refined; the layer is made from tough polymer materials. As these wires have coating on them they are also called magnet wires.

Enamelled Copper WireYou will find a lot of use for the enamelled copper wire in making of motors or transformers. It is preferred for applications wherein insulated wires are needed which again have to be very tightly wound. This insulation coating may be used for both the copper and aluminum wire. The basic idea is to give the wire an extra layer to protect it from catching fire during short circuits. This is why the wire is used for motors and transformers. Another reason for extensive use of the enamelled wire apart from safety is that this wire may be easily soldered.

The magnet wire is also useful because it creates electromagnetic fields when you wind the wires into coils. Magnet wires are known to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Likewise, the enamelled copper wire is also used for the same purpose. This is also why we can use this wire type for both home and commercial wiring purposes. Enamelled copper wires are also used for making mobile phones, TVs and telephones. Motors made from these wires are used for many household appliances like pumps, fans, machines power tools etc.

If you wish to buy enamelled copper wire, you should research for reliable manufacturers online. You can check for reviews posted by customers about their products and services. The manufacturing company should ideally offer an easy exchange policy in case you need to return a product which may have been damaged in transit or is for some reason delivered as a defective product. It should also offer products which abide by safety standards and are thoroughly tested. Before you buy an enamelled copper wire from any company, you can get quotes from other vendors too to find the best deals.

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