Why tinsel copper wire the most preferred metal?

Tinsel wire is a low voltage electrical wire that is used mainly where high power-driven flexibility is essential. Generally speaking, it is most commonly used in the wires that are used in telephones, particularly the handset cords, and in headphones. As tinsel wires are quite malleable it is resistant failing because of metal fatigue relatively to normal stranded wire or solid wire. It is usually made up of copper.



Tinsel Copper wires are used in different industry rather being restricted to electrical industry. These wires first undergo a processing through tinsel tin, tinsel Silver, silver platted copper, cadmium copper and electrolyte copper. During this processing procedure these wires are flattened and covered with thread, including cotton, nylon, silver, nomex and Kevlar. But, this all depends on the requirement of the customers.

Let’s have a quick glance at the key applications of tinsel copper wires:


  • It is largely used in the fabrication of Speakers
  • It is extensively used in the manufacturing of Loudspeakers
  • It is used in the Tweeters coils
  • It is also used in the creation of Telecom cable

There are numerous of manufacturers that are manufacturing different types of Tin coated copper wire, and tinsel copper wire. Try to look for the right supplier!

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