Is the Tin Coated Copper Wire Better than Bare Copper Wire?

The tin coated copper wire variety is seen to be highly resistant to corrosion and is perfect for use in environments which have high humidity or are exposed to a lot of moisture. The bare copper wires are resilient too but they can get damaged after prolonged use. For instance when the temperatures are found to exceed 100 degrees Centigrade, then this variety of copper may undergo degradation. As the copper wires start to degrade their performance automatically suffers.

Compared to bare copper wires, the tin coated copper wire variety is far more expensive. When copper is plated with alloys like tin then the already-present properties of copper get further enhanced. This also makes these copper wires last longer and they are found to be better suited to handling extremes of temperatures, high humidity and wet places. It is possible to give a plating to copper by using different processes like electroplating and hot dip. Electroplated wires are used for power cable in houses and electrical wiring at home. The tin is melted using the hot dip method to produce tin coated wires.

Tin Coated Copper Wire

Why are copper wires plated with tin preferably?

There are many benefits of tin plating for wires as far as industrial manufacturers are concerned. Compared to different metals, plating processes which involve tin are found to be less costly. Many electrical component manufacturers are keen to make use of tin like a shield for the metal which lies beneath it. This is more so in case of copper wires as copper already has a natural inclination to oxidize if it is exposed to a wet environment for very long. The thin tin layer will help to prevent this from happening.

Why is the tinned copper wire beneficial?

Whatever the method of production, tin coated copper wire is useful  and needed for power cables in subways, for electric-powered trains and buses, for industrial cranes, for heavy or light transit systems etc.

The biggest benefit which this wire can offer is longevity because the tin plating strengthens the properties already present in copper. Besides, the tinned copper wires have very high resistance to corrosion and this makes them highly suitable for marine usage. Compared to the bare wires, these wires are also found to have higher electrical conductivity powers.

Where can you buy tin coated copper wire?

There are many companies online which offer products like the tin coated copper wire. You can browse through these sites to see products which you need. You can find prices for the products displayed on the site. This helps you compare these prices with those offered by other producers of copper wires. It is better to choose a company which has a strong reputation when it comes to buying wires from them. Only a reputed company catering to a large client base can guarantee you superior quality tested products. Such a company will also have many types of copper wires for your benefit so that you can choose a variety depending on your budget and needs. All exporters of copper wire cannot be trusted. It is always better to select a company which enjoys high buyer ratings and positive customer feedbacks. They will also have buyer-friendly return policies in case any item is damaged in transit or not up to the mark. So, it is expected that a reputed company will prioritize customer satisfaction.

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